Due to my recent appointment, I have (try) to translate my last French post : here it is.

Sometimes exceptional events happens in his life: I have just had an amazing one, probably the fourth major after meeting my wife and the birth of my children.

The June 11, 2013 at 23:15, I got an email titled "Java Champion acceptance" sent by a person who is "Senior Manager, Community Programs, Oracle Technology Network." This email informs me that my nomination for being a Java Champion, submitted by Antonio Goncalves, is accepted and that therefore I join the community of Java Champions. This is tremendous ...

Today, it is officially announced on the blog about Java from Oracle.

After Olivier Schmitt (Founding Member), Valere Dejardin (Founding Member), Vincent Massol (2005), Antonio Goncalves (2009), Agnes Crepet (2012) and David Gageot (2014), I am the seventh French to join this group.

Of course, my first question is: how can I be included in a group of outstanding people such as those mentioned above or Adam Well, Joshua Bloch, Stephen Chin, Stephen Colebourne, Bruce Eckel, Ben Evans, Dr. Neal Gafter, Brian Goetz James Gosling, Arun Gupta, Romain Guy, Juergen Hoeller, Stephan Janssen, Rod Johnson, Dr. Heinz Kabutz, Gavin King, Angelika Langer, Dr. Doug Lea, Bob Lee, Kirk Pepperdine, Lars Vogel, Dick Wall, Jim Weaver, ... just to name a few in alphabetical order. All have made significant things for the promotion and then development of Java: JDK contributions, the development of a framework widely used, organizing conferences, ... and many other things that have contributed to the development of Java platforms.

Personally, I finally speak a few but by cons I write a lot and only in French (which is not necessarily an advantage for an international program): over 3000 pages in version 2.0 in May 2014. And it is true that for over 15 years I share my passion for the Java platform SE, EE and ME and Java ecosystem to the Francophone community which seems to appreciate documentation that is not in the Shakespeare’s language, ...

This is how Antonio has proposed and supported my nomination to it’s acceptance. It is true that it’s a lot of work for a document seen by very many people (more than one million visitors a year), but in my opinion, without denigrating what I did, this is still not impressive in comparison to what others Java Champions have done.

However, it is still an immeasurable joy and a huge honor and I feel an enormous pride in being promoted Java Champion in June 2014.

By the time I recover from this event and I continue writing the next version of my tutorial. Waiting for its publication, good continuation with Java as much as the subjects are not lacking especially with Java 8.